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An overview of coil thread insert applications

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Coilthread inserts are a vital component in a number of industries.  From aerospace and automotive to electronics and rail, these inserts are a universal joining solution that bolster mechanical integrity across a wide range of components.

By integrating Coilthread inserts, manufacturers achieve higher durability, greater reliability and enhanced efficiency in their mechanical joints and overall designs. In this article, we explore how Coilthread inserts are being applied across each of these industries and the value they bring. 

The mechanical benefits of Coilthread inserts 

Coilthread inserts are used to connect components or elements together in a secure and reliable way. Sitting between a tapped hole and fastening element, they adjust radially and axially to dissipate tension equally across the bolt/screw. As a result, these Coilthread inserts provide superior fastening features when compared to alternative mechanical joint solutions. 

  • Improved strength - By equally dissipating tension throughout the thread, Coilthread inserts enhance the shear strength of joints. 
  • Enhanced durability - Coilthread inserts eliminate instances of stress concentrations that would otherwise cause wear, which also enables the use of lighter and softer materials. 
  • Streamlined maintenance - Coilthread inserts are easy to install and remove, making the maintenance process faster and simpler. 
  • Corrosion – Coilthread inserts provide an additional non-passivating layer to reduce the occurrence of galvanic corrosion.

Coilthread insert applications 


In the aerospace industry, Coilthread inserts are extensively utilised in high-stress, critical areas such as airframe components (including doors and panels), engine parts, interior structures like seating and landing gear systems. The high demand for reliability, safety and efficiency in aerospace makes these inserts crucial for maintaining the integrity of aircraft structures whilst minimising weight through integrating lightweight components. 

Coilthread inserts provide exceptional strength and durability, which is critical in the high-vibration, high-temperature environments of aerospace applications. They prevent wear and tear from weakening structural integrity, thus enhancing safety. Tangless Coilthread inserts also eliminate the risk of foreign object debris (FOD), which is a significant and costly concern in aerospace maintenance and operations.


In the automotive sector, Coilthread inserts find their application in areas subject to intense stress and requiring high durability, such as gearboxes, engine blocks, vehicle frames and steering systems. They are also particularly beneficial in the assembly of lightweight, high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles.

The primary advantage of Coilthread inserts in automotive engineering is their ability to enable the use of lighter metals without sacrificing joint integrity. This capability is essential for reducing vehicle weight, thereby increasing fuel efficiency and performance. Additionally, the easy installation and high resilience to vibrations contribute to more robust and durable vehicle components.


The electronics industry benefits from the use of Coilthread inserts in the assembly of semiconductors, printed circuit boards (PCBs), connectors and housings for various devices, including smartphones and laptops. These components often require precise and reliable fastening solutions that can accommodate miniaturisation trends. Coilthread inserts are also available in particularly small sizes, making them the perfect fit for electronics manufacture. 

Coilthread inserts enhance the reliability of electronic components by providing strong, durable joints that withstand thermal stress and mechanical vibrations. They also allow for the design of smaller and lighter electronic devices without compromising the structural integrity, supporting ongoing trends towards device miniaturisation and cost reduction in materials.


Within the rail industry, Coilthread inserts are crucial for components such as brake systems, gearbox couplings, traction motors, and interior controls. These applications demand inserts that can handle the heavy loads and vibrations typical of rail transport.

Coilthread inserts significantly contribute to the safety and reliability of rail systems by ensuring that mechanical joints can withstand the stresses of daily operation. They also simplify maintenance procedures, reducing downtime and enhancing the overall efficiency of rail services.

KATO® Advanex Coilthread inserts: enhanced joint performance regardless of industry 

Across these diverse industries, Coilthread inserts are universally praised for their ability to improve component lifespan, enhance safety and enable the use of innovative materials and designs. Whether in the high-stakes environment of aerospace, the precision-dependent realm of electronics, the robust needs of automotive manufacturing, or the critical applications within the rail industry, Coilthread inserts prove to be indispensable. 

KATO® Advanex are the leading manufacturer of Tanged and Tangless® wire thread inserts that form strong, resilient, lightweight joints to reduce material costs and increase efficiency Our wire thread inserts are used extensively across industries, and we’re proud to support world-class manufacturers in their efforts to improve performance, quality and viability.

To find out more about KATO® Advanex and our tanged or tangless wire thread solutions, contact a member of our team today.

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