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CoilTh-Red Planet - How Advanex are going to Mars

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The 10th November 2020 marked the start of the 100-day countdown towards the scheduled landing of the Perseverance Mars Rover on the red planet, with Advanex proud to see their KATO® Tangless® inserts playing a part in the mission.

Due to land on Mars on February 18th 2021, the mission will play a big part in the next steps towards space travel and exploration. With the milestone passing and the landing date creeping ever closer, Advanex takes great pride with its involvement in the voyage.

We have worked closely with COMAT Aerospace to provide the Tangless® inserts which secure the SuperCam together, with about 50 of our wire thread inserts used in each instrument in sizes ranging from M2.5 to M4 for three test instruments, and of course, the one which is currently en route to its destination.

One of the primary benefits of using Tangless® inserts over the traditional Tanged® variation is the absence of removing the tang from the high-spec casting of the SuperCam, which completely eliminates the risk of damaging the component.

The lightweight nature of our Tangless® inserts plus the reduction in installation time compared to their Tanged® counterparts has been crucial in the performance before and during the unmanned mission, with Advanex manufacturing the components which will allow the Mars Rover to take photographs of the planet upon its February arrival.

Upon landing, the Perseverance Mars Rover’s mission is to investigate relevant ancient information on the surface of the planet and to assess past habitability and the possibility of past life.

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